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Frequently asked questions

What do Permanent Makeup Artists Do?

Have you ever wondered what permanent makeup artists do? Well, they are called artists for an excellent reason. Permanent makeup's popularity is growing worldwide, and its usefulness is the reason for it. It is particularly beneficial to people who like to save time in the mornings, preparing for work or save money buying an endless amount of makeup products and for the people who have trouble applying makeup for different reasons, including tremors, arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Some people also have allergic reactions to makeup and want to avoid it.

Why should you become a permanent makeup artist?

BEING A PERMANENT MAKEUP ARTIST ALLOWS YOU TO TRANSFORM A PERSON'S LIFE By learning to do permanent makeup, you can change lives to so many people, to a certain extent. So, as a permanent makeup artist, you cannot save a life, but you can definitely improve it. You can add color to somebody's lips, making them seem fuller, offer someone an opportunity to get beautiful eyebrows, lift somebody's eyes by applying permanent eyeliner... But the changes go even further. You can offer areola tattooing to a breast cancer patient after they had a mastectomy. Can you imagine how empowered that person might feel afterward? Permanent makeup artists have a unique ability to bring a smile to someone's faces. You can restore someone's confidence and make someone feel special and more attractive by means of permanent makeup. Permanent makeup artists have transformed the beauty industry, and they keep transforming people's lives.

How Much Can You Make As a Permanent Makeup Artist

When you are changing your career path or starting a new job, one of the main things that interests you is probably the money you are going to be making. Permanent makeup is a very lucrative business, whether you work in someone's salon or you open a salon on your own. A big perk of doing permanent makeup is that the artists can set their own prices and feed. As a permanent makeup artist, you can pretty much decide how much money you want to make per week/month/year. The average cost of a procedure is from $300 to $800. The average yearly salary of a permanent makeup artist starts from $85,000!

How much does Permanent Makeup Training cost?

Permanent makeup training costs anything between $3500 and $7500. Every school has its cost structure, and the actual cost would depend on the duration and the difficulty of the training. Some schools offer courses daily that cost between $500 and $900, whereas some schools offer specialized courses with advanced training techniques, which could even cost as much $10000. These are general estimates. For a specific quote please contact us and we will let you know.

How do you get Permanent makeup certified?

As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in order to be Permanent Makeup certified, the first step is to receive safety and hygiene training. After that, the students need to undertake the complete Permanent Makeup Training program from whichever school they qualify for, or take the apprenticeship program. After training completion, they need to apply for a permanent makeup license to the State Licensing Board and might have to give a practical exam for the same. To further your skill set you can register with New PMU to learn the most advanced permanent makeup training.

Where do the permanent makeup artists work?

As a certified Permanent Makeup Artist, you have the option of setting up your clinic and business where you can charge anything from $250 to $1250 for a single treatment. The price would depend on the complexity of the treatment and your expertise in the same. In addition to this, Permanent Makeup Training professionals can also work with plastic surgeons, spas offering medicinal treatments, cosmetic dentists, and skin specialists.

Do you have to be an esthetician to do permanent makeup?

You don't need to be an esthetician to take Permanent Makeup Training. Though some schools offer this course only to estheticians, there is also an increasing number of schools that offer specialized courses over and above the basic program so that the students can learn all the required skills. Nevertheless, being an esthetician is an advantage if you want to take a Permanent Makeup Training course because the training would take lesser time to complete and would also be cheaper due to the lower number of courses undertaken.

What will I learn in Permanent Makeup School?

Permanent Makeup Training involves learning the easier and common techniques such as lip color application, eyelash boost, and eyeliner application. After that, depending on your interest, you could also learn more complicated techniques such as microblading and skin needling. These complicated techniques can be learned by enrolling for a full-term program, or single-day multiple sessions. The Permanent Makeup schools also teach the basics of permanent makeup like maintaining hygiene, security, setting up the procedure room, and handling the clients’ fears and apprehensions. Students are also exposed to the different types of inks, dyes, and colorants that they would be using for both manual and machine-based techniques, such as coil tattoo machines and rotary pen machines. Several other courses can be taken and learned. Some of the most recognized ones are Color theory and color mixing, understanding the skin types, needle selection and usage, the 3S course (safety, sterilization, and sanitation), precautions, and procedure after-care.

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