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Areola Tattoo Training

Discover areola tattoo training best-kept secrets from a world-renowned artist and instructor, Anna Kara. Enrolling in our areola tattoo training course equips you with the skills and expertise to help your clients achieve the natural look they deserve. You will have a rare opportunity to help your clients feel comfortable and proud of their bodies with these skills. Beyond that, you can open your permanent makeup studio or work for someone to begin your journey of helping those who need your expertise while making a living.

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What Should You Know Before Enrolling in Areola Tattoo Training?

Areola tattoo training, also known as advanced 3D areola tattoo training, is a training program that will equip you with fundamental skills and knowledge to create the illusion of a natural nipple. Some of the clients you will be serving include breast cancer survivors, men and women who need nipple reconstruction, and anyone else who wants to achieve a natural look.


If you are interested in this training program, there are some things you have to know. First, areola tattoo training is a continued education course, meaning it’s best for artists with previous tattoo experience, machine skills, and basic knowledge of permanent makeup. Additionally, you must have self-discipline, motivation, and enough time to complete this course successfully.

What is Covered in Areola Tattoo Training Course?

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This training program will cover everything about areola tattooing, including how to land clients, setting up an appointment, anatomy, color theory, hygiene, latest techniques, tools, complications, and aftercare. You will also have access to helpful resources, practice on a live model, group study, starter kit, and practice on silicone.

Our world-renowned instructors will introduce you to permanent makeup on the first day. After that, they will walk you through different types of breast cancer and breast reconstruction. Then they will guide you on areola pigments, health and safety best practices, color theory, and anesthetics.

You will also get in-depth training on anatomy and physiology, preparations, aftercare, and complications. Afterward, you will have the chance to put your skills to the test on latex.

After a successful first day, our instructors will allow you to practice on a live model. This is your chance to demonstrate your creativity and understanding. Our students also get to practice on artificial skin (silicone) to boost their confidence and knowledge of areola tattooing.

We will allow you to join a group where you can discuss and share your experiences with other students. Students who manage to complete the course will get a starter kit to kick start their areola tattoo journey.

Why Should You Become an Areola Tattoo Artist?

It’s normal to pick a career based on the salary, career fulfillment, job security, and availability. What if we told you that a career as an areola tattoo artist offers just that? Here are great reasons why you should enroll in our areola tattoo training course:

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1.  Bring More Light to the World

As a certified areola tattoo artist, you will have an invaluable chance to impact the lives of your clients positively. You can help breast cancer survivors feel more comfortable in their bodies after surgery. Your skills and expertise can help these beautiful women and men feel natural in their bodies once again. Areola tattoos are not just ideal for breast cancer survivors.

You can also help men and women who want to correct misshapen nipples or remove scars. The skills and expertise you will learn from this course will help you even out the size, shape, and color of their nipples. Clients who have skin grafts, burns, or other scaring types will also benefit immensely from your areola tattooing expertise.

2.  Add a New Service to Your Menu

By becoming a certified advanced 3D nipple tattoo artist, you can add a new menu to your permanent makeup services. Your clients can count on you for all their permanent makeup needs. This is not only good for business, but it keeps them happy. Additionally, they are likely to refer friends and family who need your services.

3.  Lucrative Career

Truth be told, areola tattooing is a service to humanity. This unique skill opens your door to endless opportunities. And as the demand for areola tattooing continues to increase, you are guaranteed to take home a lot every year.

4.  Stand Out from the Crowd

The increasing demand for permanent makeup services means that more and more people are enrolling in PMU training courses. You have to offer something extra to stand out from the competition. Enrolling in our areola tattoo training course gives you the extra push you need to take your PMU career to the next level. The good news is that this course takes only two days and you can start working immediately after training.

The Most Detailed Areola Tattoo Training

Are you ready to take your PMU career to the next level? If you are, book our two-day intensive advanced 3D areola tattoo course to gain professional knowledge of creating beautiful and natural nipples.

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