May 20-27, 2020. 

Offered for the first time in the USA and brought to you by “New PMU”

Seven PMU Superstars - Speakers from all over the world will share their techniques and give you tasks and challenges that have fantastic prizes*!!!


  • Two brand new PMU machines

  • Online masterclasses with certification

  • Gift Certificates for a masterclass at our New PMU academy in San Diego

  • Sets of pigments

and many more!!!!


  1. Register (click here) on our website to get access to the videos and to participate. 

  2. Follow us and all our speakers on Instagram!!! New PMU, Sviatoslav Otchenash, Kristina Melnicenco, Natalia Verkh, Tamara Sachs, Anna Kara, Elena Onika, Anastasia Gilmanova.

  3. Every day from May 20, 2020 till May 27, 2020 there will be a new video tutorial on NewPMU website from one of our amazing speakers with a task you have to complete and send to us (before May 28, 2020) at

  4. All assignments will be reviewed and together with our speakers we will choose the winners. 

  5. 8 Winners will be announced on May 30, 2020 on our Instagram page @newpmu and on our website

The winner who will do the best on all 7 techniques will be our champion and will be rewarded with 7 grand prizes from all our speakers. 


Additionally each speaker will choose one winner from their specific topic and announce the result on their own Instagram page.


Don't miss this opportunity. 


Let's support each other and make the PMU Industry great ️


With love 

Anna and Maru 

New Pmu

* The prize(s) that may be awarded to the eligible winner(s) are provided by the speakers and are not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize.  Shipping costs can apply for some prize(s). Participants must provide valid and accurate contact information. If a winner cannot be contacted or is disqualified for any reason, we reserve the right to determine an alternate winner or not to award that winner’s prize, in its sole discretion. 


Video #1

Magic Combinate by Sviatoslav Otchenash

(don't forget to follow @newpmu and @sviatoslavotchenash)

This is very special technique that does not require specific skills. Where simple hair strokes are not enough the mixture of hair stroke and shadow effect is the best solution. We can fill in sparse areas of brow with fine strokes and then give the eyebrows the desired level of definition. 

  1. Please repeat the whole procedure (shape, design, hair strokes and shading) on paper like I did.

  2. Send photo of the completed assignment to

Video #2

Volumizing Ombré Lips by Natalia Verkh

(don't forget to follow @newpmu and @natalia_goddess_pmu)

Ombré lips with special and natural gradient works perfect for big and plump lips! It will help you to create that look which makeup artists do for big celebrities and Instagram influencers with lipstick. 

But, the advantage is our work is Permanent makeup which lasts much longer! 

  1. Create soft and natural gradient with 4-5 colors. You can do it on Latex with the help of your PMU machine and pigments or with colors (pencils or watercolors) on paper! The main goal is to create Ombré lips with a soft gradient!

  2. Send photo of the completed assignment to

Video #3

Color Theory in Permanent Makeup by Anna Kara

(don't forget to follow @newpmu and @annakara.pmu)

Every PMU artist knows and anticipates his further actions after the color components of the pigments have changed over time and under the influence of UV radiation. Choosing the right method of mixing pigments or the right combination of pigments involves evaluating the client's skin.


You don’t need to have any art degrees to learn color theory and draw a portrait. Everyone can develop his/her talent as well as artistic abilities. 

The idea is to show your creativity, try to express your artistic vision. Don’t be afraid to be creative!


2 options with your task.

  1. Be Creative! Please take 3 Primary colors (acrylic colors) but instead of blue, you can use black. You can also use white, however only for highlights. Please draw a lady mixing only these 3 colors. 

  2. You can draw a lady and then color her using watercolors.

  3. Send photo of the completed assignment to

Video #4

Permanent makeup of the eyelids. Eyeshadow by Anastasia Gilmanova

(don't forget to follow @newpmu and @gilmanova_permanent)

The result of this PMU technique is similar to the work done by the makeup artists.  
Three-level shading, forming a color gradient and giving depth to the look.  
This specific technique is giving you results without injury and swelling, it looks very natural.



  1. Analyze the types of eyes and select equipment for them on a special simulator (click here to get it).

  2. Perform technique on latex with transitions from shadow to partial shade and soft haze without a sense of visible boundaries.

  3. Send photo of the completed assignment to

Video #5

3D or High Definition Areola Tattooing by Tamara Sachs

(don't forget to follow @newpmu and @npm_technologies)

3D or High Definition Areola Tattooing is a procedure that provides the most realistic results for both women and men that have had mastectomies. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons are now demanding High Definition or 3-D Areola Tattooing to complement the reconstruction they skillfully performed on their patient’s breasts. Today, the awareness has reached the general public and breast cancer survivors that have had mastectomies are requesting this most realistic look.


Surprisingly, this High Definition effect is extremely easy to create. I can’t wait to share this with you so you too can experience the joy, confidence and gratification these procedures bring to your client.


You will learn to:

  •     Create a hyper realistic, 3-Dimensional nipple, even without a nipple graft for the “Illusion of Protrusion”

  •     Create a soft, diffused edge on the areola that appears more natural and how to create the convincing texture of Montgomery Glands

  •     Make color selection easy

  •     Select the best needles for the density and affects you wish to achieve

  •     Apply quick and easy shortcuts that give better color retention and less trauma


As a bonus I will also show my signature technique for scalp simulation, both for men and women.



  1. Please repeat presented techniques on paper or latex.

  2. Send photo of the completed assignment to

Video #6

Foxy Liner by Kristina Melnicenco

(don't forget to follow @newpmu and @5starbrows)

FoxyLiner is an incredible blend between multiple colors and a super natural effect once healed. These results are achieved by choosing the right pigments and the right colors and of course by correctly blending in a layering technique!!! I am super excited to share with you and to see you create those 🦊🦊 FoxyLiners



  1. Following the lesson, please, practice on latex and create FoxyLiner. Use your creativity you can also add colors such as blue, green, purple in your layering

  2. Send photo of the completed assignment to and tag @5starbrows if you post it online

Video #7

”Diamond Lips” original PMU technique by Onika Elena

(don't forget to follow @newpmu and @onika_elena)

Beautiful PMU lips without pain, trauma and swelling. No anesthetic needed. Elena Onika will teach you how to create unique "Diamond Effect" technique.



  1. Make a video how you perform #Diamond lips on a latex. Post in you Instagram account completed task and tag me @onika_elena and @newpmu. I will choose the best work and share on my official account.  Winner will get a special prizes!

  2. Send photo of the completed assignment to

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