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Permanent Makeup Ink Guide 2020


Knowing the resulting quality of permanent makeup is important for both customers and artists. The color, allure, and longevity of the pigments are some of the basic and important factors that affect the outcome of the process. For professional makeup artists and those who are considering permanent makeup, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the different types and brands of pigments or inks. Here is our permanent makeup ink guide for microblading pigment or eyebrow tattoo inks for permanent makeup enthusiasts.


Best Pigments for Microblading or Eyebrow Tattoo Inks


1.) Best Microblading Pigment, Brown Ink Color Set


Best Microblading Pigment by MADLUVV makes the eyebrows look glamorous and natural. The brown ink color set comes with six colors and can both be used with a machine or manually. It allows artists to draw accurate and short strokes that stay defined, clear, and vibrant. The Best Microblading Pigment by Madluv Company is cruelty-free and vegan.

2.) Doreme Permanent Makeup Microblading Pigment Set


Doreme Permanent Makeup consists of combinations of cool and warm tones that you can mix to acquire your desired color. It is certified by the Dermatest which guarantees that the product is safe for the environment and humans. This pigment set is perfect for micro-pigmentation and microblading. It can also be used manually or with a machine. Doreme Permanent Makeup ensures the highest possible purity since it is made of organic compounds. Currently, they have four pigment sets - Eyebrow Set, Camouflage & Areola Set, Lips Set, and Eyeliner Set.

3.) Mellie/Microblading Medical Grade Pigments Set


The Mellie/Microblading Pigment Set comes in six colors - soft brown, dark brown, golden brown, medium brown, warm effect, and blonde. This set is popularly used by professional artists. It is also made out of organic ingredients that ensure that is safe to use.

4.) Baodeli 10 Bottles of Ink Pigment for Permanent Makeup


The variations of the Baodeli 10 Bottles of Ink Pigment can be combined to find the perfect color that will match the hair tone and skin tone of the customer. It can also be used for lip liner and eyeliner. The low molecular weight and high density of the pigment enable it to be combined effectively and easily with the skin tissue which guarantees its longevity.

5.) Maser Tattoo Pigment


Maser Tattoo Pigment is 100% organic and includes a lot of natural ingredients hence it is considered one of the safest choices to use for permanent makeup. Titanium dioxide and sunscreen formula are included in the formula of the pigment which helps reduce discoloration caused by ultraviolet. The high concentration also ensures the vibrant and natural-looking color of the tattoo. Maser Tattoo Pigment can be used both manual tattoo pen or with a machine.

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