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PMU Modern Brand Marketing

How to Market Yourself in the Permanent Makeup Industry

A few years ago, permanent makeup was a luxury only a few could afford. With time permanent makeup has become the go-to procedure for celebrities and civilians. As the demand for permanent makeup grows, artists should leverage this opportunity to maximize their earning potential and land more clients. To do that, PMU artists must learn how to market their PMU businesses.

In this guide, licensed PMU artist and instructor Anna Kara and the PMU team will share their closely guarded secrets on modern marketing and branding.

How to Market Your PMU Business

There are several clients out there who need your expertise and services. If you want your PMU business to grow, you must learn to connect with your clients. Here are practical tips on advertising and marketing your permanent makeup business and increasing your client base.

Create a Business Plan

The first step you have to take to attract more PMU clients is to create a business plan. Think of your business plan as a framework for success. Start by setting a realistic budget. To do so, you will have to identify your expenses and income. Some of your costs might be rent payments, marketing supplies, salary, logistics, décor, and even taxes. Next, turn your attention to pricing. Pricing will be determined by various variables like your expertise, location, services, competitors, and the size of your business.

Create a Brand Strategy

Next comes the fun part; creating a solid brand that stands out from other permanent makeup businesses near you. To create a strong and lasting brand, you must identify your unique selling points and value proposition. Maybe your brand is all about transforming the appearance of your clients. Or perhaps you are focused on a particular PMU service such as areola tattooing or lip blushing.

Once you figure out your unique selling points and value propositions, create a unique brand message to communicate with your targeted clients. Then come up with a logo and choose colors that best represent your business. Don't hesitate to put your brand colors, message, and logos on your socials, websites, and business cards. Remember, a strong brand helps you connect with your clients and earn their loyalty.

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Choose a Name for Your Business

It might seem minor, but your PMU business's name can make or break your new business. Clients should learn everything about your business just by looking at its name. So, choose a business name that reflects the services you will be offering. Above all, come up with a name that communicates your unique selling points. It's also advisable to choose a short and catchy name so that clients can remember it easily.  

Create an Effective Sales Strategy

A sales strategy is a well-defined plan that allows you to position your business and sell your PMU services to qualified clients. Creating an effective sales strategy is crucial as it guides you on how best to increase your sales and retain your clients. The secret to creating an effective sales strategy is communicating your value proposition.

Take your time to understand the challenges your potential clients face each day. Then craft a message that addresses these challenges and provides a practical solution. In addition, you have to communicate your brand's unique story o compel customers to choose you over your competitors.

Learn Social Media and Photo Editing

Social media is among the fastest ways for PMU artists to connect with their clients in this modern era. Furthermore, social media marketing can enhance brand awareness and increase sales. Our modern marketing and branding course will equip you with fundamental social media marketing and photo editing skills to market your PMU business properly.

Benefits of Marketing Your PMU Business

Branding makes your PMU business different from your competition. It communicates your unique selling points and value proposition. Your PMU business will grow in value and attract new clients with effective branding. Not only that, but it helps you keep your existing clients happy.

Marketing your PMU business also helps you to increase brand awareness. Brand awareness familiarizes your potential clients with the products and services you offer. Maintaining brand awareness will undoubtedly improve your sales and help you stand out in a crowded industry.

Marketing your PMU business is also an effective tool to build trust between you and your clients. Think of marketing as your tool to showcase your expertise and services to your potential clients. With better brand trust comes more sales, client loyalty, and advocacy.


Marketing your PMU Business can seem intimidating and tiresome. Luckily, our intensive PMU course offers an additional brand marketing module to help you market your PMU business and stand out from the rest. Anna Kara and PMU team will share their secrets about how they managed to land their first client and create one of the most successful PMU businesses. 

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