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About NEW PMU 

Who we are

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New PMU is the World Class Permanent Makeup Events by Maru Oderzhakhivska and Anna Kara.

Ready solution for your new business in Permanent Makeup industry. You can start a new career in 6 days with NEW PMU Academy and our Basic course with Anna Kara, from your business plan - to your working space and first clients. 

Advanced courses for professionals from the best PMU artists in the world. Special PMU community and networking events.

Unique world-famous techniques and beauty trends, new product launches from the best brands.

San Diego will well known as the most creative and progressive city in the PMU Industry. We will host events with best PMU artists from Italy, France, China, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Korea which will share unique knowledge with local masters.

About New PMU

Meet Our Team

Anna Kara

Founder & New PMU Academy Goddess

Originally from Ukraine, board certified permanent makeup artist- Anna Kara.
Anna has a medical degree. Constantly improves her skills at master classes with the best masters of their craft.
As a matter of fact, she also trained with the leading permanent makeup masters in Europe. In 2014, Anna participated in a 6 month apprenticeship training with the top specialist of permanent makeup in Belgium. And in the same year she opened the training practice in Ukraine. In 2015 Anna won in the Championship of Ukraine(Europe) in a category permanent makeup artist. She moved to the USA in 2016 with zero knowledge of English and after 8 months of studying English she opened her own business and doubled income every next year twice. In 2018 she wrote Fundamentals training of Permanent MakeUp in English and started to train American students.

Maru Oderzhakhivska

Founder & New PMU Marketing Goddess

Marketing Professional with 12 years of experience in the field of brand marketing development, 360° Marketing Campaign, fashion and events management. During her tenure as a Brand Manager of the biggest women’s magazine Harper’s Bazaar copy sales increased by 20 % and brand awareness increased by 37 % as the result of more than 45 events organized by Maru, with all the costs covered by sponsors and partners that she has found. Maru's events were rated as the top 10 of the best events of the year. She built long-term partnership and provided marketing services for such luxury brands as Audi, Porsche, Lancome, YSL, Guerlain, Dior, L’oreal company, Hewlett Packard. Maru has 10 years of experience working with marketing agencies and 5 years of experience working with media market. She moved to the USA in 2017 where she successfully start to work as Marketing Operation Director for New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week.

Anna Kara
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