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Permanent Makeup Certificate California Requirements

There are a number of steps that need to be taken before you can start working with permanent makeup in California. Permanent makeup comes under the umbrella of tattooing, so you will need to obtain your California tattoo/body art practitioner certificate under the Safe Body Care Act. The state of California requires everyone who wants a tattoo/body art practitioners certificate to have the following in order to apply:


1) Undergo blood-borne pathogens training (BPT) annually, using a training provider that is approved by the county you are applying in

2) Provide evidence of Hepatitis B vaccine (or evidence of immunity, evidence of medical exemption, or valid vaccine declination)

3) Pay an annual registration fee

4) Be 18 years or older, and provide a valid government ID (such as a passport or driving license) to prove this

5) Provide a 2X2 passport photo

6) Renew the certificate every year using the same form (the passport photo and presentation of ID are only necessary for first-time applicants)


As well as this, you will need to make sure to obtain health information from all of your clients as well as informed consent (making sure they have enough information about the procedure so that they can consent to it).


Each of the different counties in California may have different requirements for training as well as different fees, and you will need to register with each one individually. You will also need a separate blood-borne pathogens certificate for each county. Once you have registered with one county, however, you will be able to work in any of the other counties for 15 days before you need to register with them.


You will also need to have at least six months of permanent makeup training. If you are going to be setting up your own business, rather than working for someone else, there are further requirements that you will need to fulfil:


1) A valid Health Permit

2) Operate in a clean, safe way

3) Maintain written records of facility operations, training, and sterilization


Your facility will be inspected every year to check that the cleanliness and sterilization procedures are being maintained and that all of your certification is up to date.


There are separate regulations with regards to applying permanent makeup in temporary facilities, such as events, demo booths, and vehicles. It is important to check with the country you will be practising in what the rules and regulations are, if you're unsure.

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