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Permanent Makeup Pricing


How much can you charge as a Permanent Makeup Artist?


Choosing the right price to charge for your permanent makeup services can be tough. You want to turn a healthy profit but you don't want to scare your client base away. We put together a quick pricing guide to help you get an idea of how much money you can make per procedure. Remember, prices will vary depending on area of procedure, where you live, and number of treatments required. 


Beauty mark: $50-$150


Beauty marks are considered by many to be sexy and glamorous. This procedure can give you the bit of drama and sophistication you are looking for.


Lash Enhancement - Upper or Lower only: $200 - $550


Lash Enhancement adds fullness to the lash line which provides an effortlessly beautiful, naturally gorgeous look.


Eye Liner - One or Both lids: $400 - $700


This service can help with defining, or changing, the look of the shape of the eye. It gives a more made up look than the Enhancement, but can still be very natural looking. Or, if you like a bolder look, liner can be used to create a dramatic look.


Eye Shadow: $700 - $900


This procedure has the most variation and is designed with the client's wishes in mind. Depending on the your desire, you can go for a standout look or a simple and natural look.


Lip Liner: $200 - $600


By applying color along the contours of the lips (also called Lip Blush) this procedure provides definition or evening of lip shape and adds a desirable fullness.


Lip Color: $200 - $400


This procedure is the most natural looking option. By using the same color throughout the lips, this option provides even pigmentation and a lovely plumping affect. If you are looking for a full, sexy lip; this is an excellent option.


Full Lip with liner: $600 - $900


If you are looking for the best of both the liner and color procedures, this is the selection for you. Contouring and evening lip shape, plumping and smoothing color, this option has it all.


Eye Brow Shadowing: $400 - $600


Shadowing provides a fuller look, similar to penciled brows. This option provides a more natural and softer look than microblading.


Microblading: $400 - $600


Microblading makes the brows appear thicker and fuller in a very organic way. Eyebrows are the frame of the face, so this procedure can add glamor and sophistication to any look.


Eye Touch Ups: $100 - $400

Brow Touch ups: $75 - $350

Lip Touch Ups: $200 - $400


Touch Up services vary based on time passed since application and area being touched up.


Removal: $100-$200 per square inch


Permanent make up is not for everyone, if you change your mind, this can be treated as well.

We hope you enjoyed our quick guide to permanent make up pricing. 

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