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Lip Blush Training

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Learning about permanent makeup will open your doors to endless opportunities while helping you to change lives.

People are getting busier by the day. Many women no longer have adequate time to apply lipstick. This does not mean that they have neglected their lips. Instead, they have turned to an effective and longer-lasting permanent makeup technique that allows them to have great lips every day. What's more, there are more than willing to pay any price to look as beautiful as possible. We are talking about a new permanent makeup technique known as lip blush.

Keep reading to discover more about lip blush training.

Lip Blush Training Overview

The experienced and friendly instructors at New PMU, Maru and Anna, have created a program to help beauty enthusiasts enter and succeed in permanent makeup. Joining this program will equip you with the necessary skills and expertise to apply lip blush. The passionate instructors will also give you hygiene and safety advice and teach you about different skin types. You will also learn color theory, skin stretching techniques, equipment use, and tips to help you prepare the workstation.

Even though the course takes three days, you will also learn more about the business aspect of lip blush, including customer care, advertising and marketing, and health certification procedures. You can even rent our chic-looking booths to kick-start your lip blush business.

This hands-on training program is in San Diego, CA and many students always recommend their friends and families to New PMU. After graduating, you will become a permanent makeup artist and start making as much as $85,000 every year. You can also join a basic program if you are a beginner or experienced artist to begin practicing immediately after the course.

However, you must take an online Bloodborne Pathogen Certification to receive your State license. You also need to demonstrate your skills in creating lips on latex to get your approval to start practicing on models.

Benefits of Lip Blush Training

Becoming a licensed lip blush makeup artist can change your life and equip you with skills and expertise to transform your clients' lives. As a lip blush artist, you will be adding color to the lips of your clients. It might seem little, but these small things can make your client feel more beautiful and empowered.

What's more, becoming a lip blush specialist will help you boost your clients' confidence by restoring their beautiful and unique smiles. Lip blush might be just what your clients need to feel special and overcome everyday challenges in this chaotic world.

Besides, you can make more than $85,000 every year since the price for a lip blush procedure varies from $300 to $1,500. So, becoming a certified lip blush artist will give you great career satisfaction and is highly profitable.

Ready to Kick-start Your Lip Blush Business? Join New PMU Academy Today

At New PMU, we are proud to help our learners kick-start their new lip blush careers in just three days. Students choose us due to our excellent customer service, friendly and patient instructors, fair prices, and effective lip blush techniques. Become a lip blush artist today and earn as low as $85,000 every year.

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